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+90 is a YouTube channel that brings together unique content from the world's four leading public broadcasters - BBC, DW, VOA and France 24. On +90 you will find an open-minded, free and unbiased look on Turkey.

About us

Our mission is to create an independent, respectful and tolerant atmosphere, which turns away from prejudice and is open to everyone.

We provide an unbiased platform for debate where everybody has the right to the freedom of expression and freedom of information.

+90 IS ON AIR:

Not to judge, but to eliminate prejudice.

We believe that a world without prejudice is possible.

We think that everyone has the right to live in a world where understanding and tolerance prevail.

Not to change your opinion, but to create space for different points of view.

We think that life is enriched by different perspectives, and we know that each one is necessary to get the whole picture.

Not to speak on the behalf of others, but to let everybody speak for themselves.

We know that a platform where everyone can speak for themselves is a prerequisite for understanding one another.

Not to provide the right answers, but to ask the right questions.

In a world full of answers, we think it's more important to ask the right questions.

We believe that if a question has never been asked before, it will have the power to change the world.

Not to dictate, but to listen.

We believe that an environment where everyone can be heard forms the basis for social solidarity and freedom of expression.


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